Arjun Rampal amid media war!

Arjun Rampal seems caught in between ZEE Network and Sunrise Radio, where both channels are planning to stage the star in their own programs.

ZEE Network’s ZEE Carnival exhibition, which is slated for next month in UK, is advertising big way. The participants alongside Arjun Rampal are big Bollywood name like Rani Mukherjee.

Dancing duo aAjun and Rani
Arjun lifts Rani in a dancing event

Sunrise Radio, which signed Arjun Rampal along with Sony Entertainment Television Asia’s Asian Lifestyle Show in July is not happy with his participation in ZEE Carnival. According to Sunrise Radio, the contract signed between Arjun Rampal and Sunrise Radio does not allow the star to attend any Asian exhibition six months prior or after the Asian Lifestyle Show has taken place.

Interestingly, London’s Olympia is the venue for both the ZEE Carnival and Asian Lifestyle Show.

ZEE confirmed the participation of Arjun Rampal as it has spoken to him in this regard and made it clear to Sunrise Radio that it has no intentions to pull out Arjun Rampal.